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Space Is the common Future, that needs to be built Today!




This quote by our founder sparked the idea of forming a community platform to bring along Space Industry involving Government, Planetariums and Science Centers,  Private sector Space companies and Starups, Space Educators and Academia, Youth, Students and Public. We worked on building social place for Space industry where they can seek and provide support for getting Co-founders, Human Resource, Mentors, Funding opportunities, organise events and promote work. A place where students can get information on ISRO, Contests, Space education and Experiential learning programs. 

We started with doing small events, workshops and seminars for schools and public in 2012 as part of outreach and CSR initiative and with overwhelming response we expanded our scope and reach to organise Space Camps, large Space exhibitions and Contests. With a great team and support of Space Industry and ISRO we are today a community reaching out to over Million space enthusiasts.  Today we organize and partner with credible organizations to do Space Workshops across India and Space Science& Astronomy tours, ISRO and NASA visits.  

Antariksh Society is a project funded by Bharat Astrospace under the ambitious India in Space Project.  We also have a Space Education Centre at Mumbai at Mahapark spread over 100+ acres of Science& Nature project. We are soon starting Antariksh Space Museum and Centre for Astronomy. 


Its not about who we are, but what we do!


Space is not just some vast dark place. It holds answers to our origins. Its where we came from as life. In ancient times humans ventured in to waters to expand, concurred lands to dominate and in modern civilized times we explore Space to protect earth, make world better and find habitat to take humanity beyond blue marble.


We are in the next leap in evolution! For India Space is not just a research subject but a part of our culture. We have been observing and learning from celestial movements from pre Vedic era. World believed our knowledge and obsession for space was restricted to observations only but we proved them to be wrong. India made a start to be space bound much before many developed nations and with efforts, passion and hard work of our Scholars, Engineers and Scientists, we in a span of less than two decades after independence made it to skies beyond atmosphere. We were among the first nations to have a Department of Space and a ministry to support programs. Establishment of ISRO changed the game.


ISRO not only proved we are technologically advanced but have a good business model too! With the incorporation of NSEL, In-Space and the New Space Policy, India has opened its doors to private sector and young aspirational talented innovators to collaborate and make bigger, better greater things.       

- Dr Rajesh Ghangurde, is present Chairperson at Antariksh Society (2022-2025). He is Director and Head Space Program at Bharat Astrospace Corpn. He is also President at MahaPark (formerly Maharashtra Science and Nature Park). He is a serial entrepreneur, Startups Mentor and investor in EdTech. Bharat Astrospace is one of the largest private sector Space companies in India with focus on developing Hi End Planetariums, Manufacture, Import and consultancy in Telescopes and Observatories globally. He is a renowned name in Space Industry and has been doing Space Exhibitions, Conferences, Space Camps for over 12 years and has been recognized at National and International platforms. Know more about Bharat Astrospace here. 


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