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Space is Everywhere, Lets Explore it!

Partner with us to work on the mission to take India in to Deep Space. 


At Antariksh Society we are working with Governments, Institutions, Space, Defence and Aviation Industry and Startups, Youth and Schools and Students to build an Ecosystem and Information& Knowledge share mechanism for Space Development. We are planning major Events& exhibitions, Space Startup Meetups and Educational programs and workshops. We invite you to join us, benefit from our association to build your brand, reach out to target audience and contribute to common good.   

Collaborate for Education

All India and over Internet 

If you are in Space Education sector, post and promote freely your programmes on Antariksh Forum. We also partner with credible agencies to jointly do space workshops for members and schools. Share your profile and proposal on our email for evaluation and terms of engagement on 

Be Space Educator 

Over Internet

Train and upskill with us to be a Certified Space Educator and also get an opportunity to be Antariksh Society

Space Mentor

Space Startups Guild


We are a platform for private sector Space companies and startups to meetup and share experiences, seek help and find Co Founders and Human Resource. We are working on developing a funding and mentoring platform for Startups and New Space projects, Join Antariksh India Startups in groups page.   

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