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"Space is from
where we came
where we will go"

-Antariksh Society

Good News for Schools.
The wait is over!

Didn't get the opportunity to organize the
Antariksh Space Camp  earlier?
It's Time now to let your students

'Be an Astronaut for a Day'!

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Do You Know ?
AntarikshSpaceCamp is the largest Space Camp and Workshops series conducted at
Schools in India! 

Antariksh Space Camp is an official flagship day workshop of Antariksh Society organized at schools under the ambitious AntarikshVeer Project. Make your School a Mission Command Centre, Your ground the Launch Pad and your Students 'Be an Astronaut for a day'! We have a team of qualified Engineers and Certified Educators who will come to your School to conduct the Space Camp. Registration is open for any formal Schools in India. Check details below and book an

Antariksh Space Camp @ Your School

Please Note: Due to time and operational constraints we do Space Camp at only 10 schools in a month. Selection of School is based on acceptance of Terms mentioned Below

The Space Champs.

Class 3-4

Be a Space bound futuristic School! Apply for organizing



Antariksh Space Camp is the largest Space Camp based Hands on Activities workshop for students grades 3 to 12. It’s a one day accelerated program that works around the idea of virtual journey to Mars. The central idea of camp is to “Be an Astronaut for a Day”. So if you have to go on a mission to Mars and back what are the things you need to know? What are the things you need to do?. This is simulated in the workshop with Hands on SPACE STEM Activities and Zero PPT fully interactive session conducted by Certified Space Educators and Engineers.



MARS EXPLORATION Why Mars? Mars is seen as our possible next home due to various reasons like presence of Ice, thin Atmosphere and being in the Habitable Zone. The future space exploration for the century will be focused around Mars and India could be one of the leaders in Mars Exploration. To be a leader in space what we need is Financial Resources, Technology and most importantly Talented and qualified people to work on Space Missions! With this sole purpose we have taken the initiative to ignite the passion, propel the curiosity and channelize the right talent at school education level. The central idea of camp is “Be an Astronaut for a Day”. So if you have to go on a mission to Mars and back what are the things you need to know? What are the things you need to do?. This is simulated in the workshop with Hands on SPACE STEM Activities and interactive session ​How Do We Do It? The program starts with forming teams of 10-15 students and assigning them a Team badge like Orion, Apollo and Challengers etc. Once team is formed, we brief trainee Jr Astronauts about the Space Camp, what's in it for them, rules etc.



Whatyour students will learn by doing at the Antariksh Space Camp? Some of the Modules and Hands on Activities: 1. The Genesis: Story of Universe, how it all began from the Big Bang to infinity 2. How Universe Works: what is the physics behind the working of Universe, what it made up of? 3. Mapping the Universe: Digital Atlas, Exploring the vast universe and Demo simulation of How we communicate with Satellies and Missions Command Centre through a NASA program 4. History of Race for Space: The early soviet and NASA missions 5. What are Satellites: How satellites are made, how they are put in exact orbit, learn orbital science. Make your own satellite model using PET bottle 6. NASA and ISRO Mars Exploration Projects, Future of Space Exploration 7. Aerospace Engineering. Learn about flight dynamics. Make Free flying objects and Test flight. 8. Rocket Science: How Rockets work? What are the components, fuels used in a Rocket, Types of Rockets and uses. Simulated demo of Rocket Thrust and drag calculations. 9. Make and launch Rockets: All students will make their own model of ISROs Rohini 75 Rockets (India's first Rocket). Learn as you build the dynamics of space flight. Launch your Rockets using our AeroLaunchers. Best Team rockets will get reward points. 10. Train Like an Astronaut NASA agility Test: Agility Test and course to let students know the importance of fitness 11. Space HAB: Build your own space city ( Team activity) using materials available around 12. Space Re Entry Capsule: How do Astronauts come back? What is a Re Entry Space Craft?, Build your own Space craft using given materials and do test soft landing. 13. Demo of different types of Telescopes and how to use them 14. Sungazing: See SUn spots with safe filters lense Telescopes (subject to clear visible sky) 15. Demo of CubeSat and 16.Know about Antariksh Society Programs, ISRO departments and NASA Careers in Space Sector 17. Now get FREE SpaceSCORE worth INR 500 ( It is a copyrights reserved online assessment test to determine your knowledge, basic traits required to be a Space Scientist and field of interest with a score and full career guidance report) Note: All Participants will get Activity kits required to make Rockets, Re Entry Capsule etc, materials for Team Projects, Certificate of Training Completion. SCHOOL DOES NOT HAVE TO PROVIDE ANY MATERIAL.



FEATURES: # Antariksh Space Camp at your school campus saves Time and Cost on Travel to learn about Space Exploration # Why spend lacs to go NASA? Now get the basic Space Camp with truly valuable and experential learning at less than Rs 1000!. With this program students can later decide on going on NASA or ISRO tours and camps # We hate PPT's! This is a ZERO PPT, 100% LIVE interactive Hands on Experential Learning program # Antariksh Space Camps are conducted Class/grade wise for 3-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11-12 # This program is in line with your vision to be the finest school offering best of learning opportunities to your learners. # Hosting official Antariksh Space Camp gives immence goodwill and brand respect to your school and is seen as a matter of pride by parents. # Schoo DOES NOT have to do any preparations or provide any materials. We only need Projector and AV system. # PTA, Parents have always welcomed our programs and we issue an exclusive letter addresed to parents with merits of the space camp. schools may fwd this to parents community. # Associating with Antariksh Society is a symbol of inegrity and standsrds. we have worked ahrd over the years to earn this reputation and extend it to you as partner School! # For a School Leader it is a matter of pride and adds a star decal to your profile. BENEFITS: @ Get insights in to Space Exporation with official workshop under AntarikshVeer project @ Know about Space Industry, NASA, ISRO @ Get experential hands on activities based learning @ Opportunity to see simulated demostartion of NASA/ISRO Space technology and missions planning information @ Get Prestigious Certificate of Completion and Achievement @ FREE SpaceSCORE Test and Career guidance @ Opportunity to be Antariksh Council Member and Ambassador. @ Opportunity for Online Internships for Class 8+ Discover more during the Space Camp!


Terms of Engagement: At Antariksh Society space education prgrams is not a profit centric initiative and we charge on reasonable cost basis. Minimum of 300 students are expected to participate with a max of 150-200 students per day/camp intake. Antariksh Space Camp is part of our outreach program and is available to select schools based on how passionate the School Management is about giving their students real time exposure to practical Space Science education Participation Fee: We charge a base fee INR 1,000 per students for Schools in Mumbai, Pune, Nasik and Bengaluru. For other locations the Fees would be between 1250 to 1500. Inclusions: . Team of Educators/Instructor Experts Fees . Space STEAM activities kit, and Certification fee. . Your Schools mention in an article in Antariksh Society digital Magazine . Certificate of Appreciation to School, Hon. Principal and Coordinating/Participating Teachers. . Schools may charge additional infrastructure usage fee at their discretion. Please Note: We conduct only 10 Space Camps in a Month and bookings are on first come basis. For more details and booking a Space Camp for your school contact Director, Space Education Office of Outreach and Capacity Building Antariksh Society E. Mail: M/Whatsapp: 9819519488 or 9819519496 (please fill up the below request form)

'A picture speaks more than a thousand words', lets take a picturesque tour of our flagship
Antariksh Space Camp with flow of event. (all images are from our actual space camps)


For Schools:
Download Presentation on Learning Objectives& Outcomes of Antariksh Space Camp or contact on Whatsapp on 9819519488
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