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AntarikshSociety is official 
Network institute of
ISRO-IIRS Outreach Network


The Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) - is a constituent unit of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Department of Space, Govt. of India. Since its establishment in 1966, IIRS is a key player for training and capacity building in geospatial technology and its applications through training, education and research in Southeast Asia. The training, education and capacity building programmes of the Institute are designed to meet the requirements of Professionals at working levels, fresh graduates, researchers, academia, and decision makers. IIRS is also one of the most sought after Institute for conducting specially designed courses for the officers from Central and State Government Ministries and stakeholder departments for the effective utilization of Earth Observation (EO) data.

ISRO has launched a new online training programme called Space Science and Technology Awareness Training (START) aimed at post-graduate and final-year undergraduate students of physical sciences and technology. The programme will cover various domains of space science, including Astronomy & Astrophysics, Heliophysics & Sun-Earth interaction, and Aeronomy. It will be delivered by eminent scientists from Indian academia and ISRO centres.

The programme is intended to provide students with introductory-level training in space science and technology, giving them an overview of different facets of the field, research opportunities, and career options. The training will also emphasize the cross-disciplinary nature of space science, giving students insights into how their individual aptitudes can be applied to the field. The programme is expected to help build a human capacity that will lead space science and research in the future.

Indian academic institutions can register for the programme by submitting their Expression of Interest in the prescribed format through the Jigyasa portal by May 20, 2023.


Express the interest at:

Dear Graduate / University students and professionals, Antariksh Society is official Nodal Centre, Outreach Network Instituute for ISRO-IIRS programmes. We invite you to join the Professional Development Courses offered by ISRO-IIRS under its Outreach Programme. Please find the courses, read the instructions on eligibility , process and apply. we would review the application and approve the same on merit. Antariksh Club shall fesilitate necessary arrangements for training and conduct. 

Best Reagards, 

Project Director

Dr Rajesh Ghangurde, 

ISRO (IIRS) Outreach Network Coordinator.

Head, Space Research, Education and Development, Antariksh Society


List of Courses and Schedule

Course-ID-120 : Course name : Satellite meteorology applications in weather and climate studies. Registration will start from 17 July 2023 Course-ID-117 : Course name : Geospatial Technology for Archeological studies. Registration will start from 17 July 2023 Course-ID-1033 : Workshop on Integration of ground-based in situ observations/measurements with EO data for enhanced Geological Applications: Advantages and Challenges. Registration for the course Started from 06 July 2023 Course-ID-119 : Course name : Geospatial Technology for Climate Smart Agriculture. Date : July 10 - 14, 2023 Course-ID-3001 : Course name : Overview of Space Science.Date : 20th July, 2023 to 20th August, 2023 Course-ID-6003 : Course name : Space Technology & Applications-For School Teachers.( Proof of Identity- School Teacher id Card is Mandatory for registration ) MOOC Course On Remote Sensing for Natural Resource Studies- For school students.(12 June- 23 June 2023) Course-ID:118: Applications of machine learning in urban studies-( 05June-09June, 2023).Schedule revised. Course-ID:1032: Workshop on Application of Geomatics in Urban Disasters May 24 , 2023 Course-ID:116: Course on Overview of Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) Course-ID:1031: One day workshop on Application of SAR Data for land deformation studies March 29, 2023 (Postponed and new date will be announced) Course-ID:115: SAR Data Processing & its Application with Special Emphasis on RISAT-1A/EOS-4 (April 10- April 14, 2023) Note: Please download revised schedule. Course-ID:114: Advances in Remote Sensing Techniques for Geological Applications (March 13 - March 24, 2023) Note: All participants will be awarded a certificate of participation based on 70% attendance during the online classes. Course-ID:7014: RS and GIS Applications in Atmospheric and Oceanic Hazards (February 27 - March 3, 2023) Course-ID:7013: Geospatial Modeling Driven Urban Hazard and Risk Analysis (13 -17, Feb. 2023) Space Vaarta-03: Basics of Satellite and Oceansat-3 Realization & Challenges by Shri. Brindaban Mahto, Deputy Project Director Oceansat-3 on January 24, 2023: 1600 hrs Course-ID:113th - "Geodata Processing using Python (February 20-24, 2023) Workshop-ID:1029th - "Space Technology and its Application in Hindi" (10th January, 2023) Space Vaarta: Applications of Space Technology in Oceanography (January 07, 2023) by Dr. Srinivasa Kumar Tummala, Director, INCOIS Space Vaarta: Why do we study Sun - Aditya L1 mission (December 26, 2022) by Dr. Dipankar Banerjee, Director ARIES, Nainital Course-ID:111th - Advances in Monitoring and Modeling of Hydro-Meteorological Hazards using Geospatial Technology and Process based Models (05 - 09 December, 2022) Workshop-ID:1027th - "UAV Remote Sensing" (21st November, 2022) Course-ID:110th - RS & GIS Applications in Natural Resource Management (11 - 25 November, 2022) Course-ID:109 - Basics of Geocomputation and Geoweb Services (October 31 - November 04, 2022) Course-ID:112 - Geo-data sharing and Cyber Security (October 17-21, 2022) Workshop-ID:1028 - Applications of Geospatial Technology in Paleochannel Studies: Potential And Future Trends (October 11, 2022) Course-ID:108 - Overview of Geographical Information System (October 03 –28, 2022) Course-ID:107 - Course on Overview of Global Navigation Satellite System (September 19-30, 2022) Course-ID:106 - Course on Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS Technology in Hindi ( September 14 –28, 2022) 104th Course on Remote Sensing and Digital Image Analysis (August 22 – September 16, 2022) 103rd Course on Basics of “Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System and Global Navigation Satellite System” (August 22 –November 25, 2022)

Rules/ Process for Registration

Only for Graduates and UG students. Fees - Free of cost Select Course Name In Mode of Registration ( Don’t Select Individual Registration ) Select Registration through ISRO Nodal Centre Nodal Centre Select as Antariksh Society You will find Name of Coordinator - Dr. Rajesh Ghangurde Submit Registration and we will approve it.

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