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SPACE is our nations FUTURE. but is our nations FUTURE talking about SPACE? 

National Students Space Seminar is organized by  Bhartiya Antariksh Parishad, Antariksh Society at Schools, Colleges and Universities with the aim to provide validated information about Space Industry and India's Space Story under ISRO and emergence of Neo Private sector, to  promote Space Education and inform students about Careers in Space. Nominal fee may be charged to participants to cover the operative cost and certification. 

What's in the Seminar? It is a 90 Mins seminar to introduce students to Space Science & Technology, disseminate information about ISRO. missions and initiatives, careers in Space. Some of the Topics covered : . History of Astronomy and Space exploration, Race for Space . Understanding our origins, the Big Bang Theory and evolution . Know about NASA, ISRO and other major space organizations . Satellites, Types, uses and how we send them in desired orbits . Rockets, Types, how they work, fuel and flight dynamics . What we do in Space? Life in Space. Moon and Mars colonization . Know ISRO, Departments and Facilities . ISRO missions Chandrayaaan, Aditya and Mangalyaan. Major achievements . Careers in Space. ISRO, University and Institutions. How to get there . Recommended study and guidance to students to be a Space Scientist and Astronaut . Information about other programmes, Antariksh Society contests and events . DEMO OF SPACE COMMUNICATION. HOW WE COMMUNICATE WITH SATELLITES . Q& A with students

Programme Benefit: * Presented by Space Research, Education and Development wing of Antariksh Society * Students will gain immense knowledge of Space and Astronomy, * Know about ISRO student programs * Participants will get an Open Digital Certificate (download link) * Group Photo of Seminar Participants * School Principal shall get Certificate (Hard copy) * School get authorisation to form Antariksh Club at School Free of Cost. * FREE onlne 'CERTIFICATE COURSE IN INDIAN SPACE EXPLORATION PROGRAM' * Opportunity to participate in Antariksh Space Camp

How your School can host it. * Only for formal Schools affiliated with CBSE/ICSE/State Boards or any international curriculums like IB, CIE. * School will have to request through below form * Nominal Fee of INR 5000 and Travel cost is charged to cover our admin cost. * Schools may charge a nominal fee to cover the expenses but generally not profit from this activity. * Min 200 students from class 3-10 must be registered.. We can have more studenst and split class wise over 2-3 sessions on same day. For any furthe clarification please connect over whatsapp on 9819519488.


Image by Miriam Espacio

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