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Do you know that, students who take a Aptitude test and Career guidance are most successful and happy!

Aptitude Test and Career guidance at Middle and Senior School years is an important factor in a students life. Give yourself a fair chance to Discover Self and be aware of the wonderful roles and careers you may take to make your future bright and proud. 

Don't just follow friends and others career choices, do what you are Good at! 

Aptitude Tests are psychometric tests to help you understand your Natural Multiple Intelligence, Personality traits and how you learn things. Aptitude Test is NOT an IQ test, it doesn't test your external knowledge but reads your mind and self-awareness. Personalized Career Counselling and guidance will help you explore new fields and make a wise decision.

Take the intelliSCORE Test and see the difference. START NOW!


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Make a better Career Choice! 

intelliSCORE aptitude test and career guidance is an essential tool for every student to know about their natural intelligence and talent and find careers more likely to match your skills. Aptitude Test is to be taken only once, and intelliSCORE is the finest aptitude test with a package of 3 Tests, reports& analysis and special 1 to 1 Career guidance on google meet. Know about the aptitude test and apply today for a better tomorrow!  

What is intelliSCORE?
intelliSCORE or Intelligence Score is a 3 tier aptitude assessment test to determine ones natural multiple intelligence strength, personality trait and learning style.
Assessments are designed based on globally acc
epted testing tools and comes with a full analysis and graphical report and an individual Career guidance session online.  


How does intelliSCORE work?
Student has to give a simple online aptitude test which has three section viz;

MultiCore Intelligence - To know your Natural Intelligence

CorePersona Trait - To know your personality type

CoreLearning - To know how do you learn things better


Assessment test is not about Science, Math or any academic subject but about awareness of your own self. Test is easy and can be completed in about 30 mins (with no time limits). 

After the Test a report is generated which explains how you are naturally more comfortable with a particular field or subject. The report does not label or judge you but simply gives suggestions based on your responses to the questions. Report is mailed after the online career guidance session.


Online individual Career Guidance session is arranged on Microsoft Teams/Google Meet with student and the report is explained along with career options widely available.  

Who is intelliSCORE for?
intelliSCORE is recommended for students in Class/ std 7th to 11th and can be taken anytime. No preparation or any study is required.  

What are the sample questions?
intelliSCORE is about yourself. You have to give ratings from 1 to 5 to a question and no answer is wrong or better. Example questions are:-

I Like to take care of animals 

I Like to build things

I usually don't take suggestions

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Get your intelliSCORE 


Standard Fee

INR 3,500 

Special Fee for limited Time 

INR 2,000 only

After application and payment, you will receive the intelliSCORE Test link and instructions on how to take the test 

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