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Antariksh Club Membership   

Did you know? Antariksh Club has an outreach of over 10 Lac students!

Join the Antariksh Club an be a part of the largest Space Community in India and having global outreach.

Membership is Free for Students from Class/Grades 3 to 12




Discover Space. Learn. Share




  • Get exclusive Antariksh Club Membership digital Certificate 

  • Members get access to Antariksh Forum, Space News updates

  • Members can join or start Antariksh Groups for their City/Town

  • You can join / start own local chapter of Antariksh Club (See below)

  • Members get free subscription of 'Antariksh Society'  E Magazine news letter

  • Participate in exclusive Monthly Space Projects and tasks

  • Opportunity to be Antariksh Society Ambassador,

  • Opportunity to write and publish article student research paper on Antariksh E-Magazine and Forum. 

  • Priority in participation in online workshops, Events, Antariksh Space Camps and Summer Camps, Science Tours conducted by Antariksh Society.

Join Antariksh Society as Student Member, Start Exploring Space!

Antariksh Club and SpacePort Membership is for every student to discover and train on space science for a nominal fee


    Join the exclusive club of Space Explorers. Get Global Space Education and Experiential Learning
    Valid for one year
    • Be a Proud owner of your Own SpacePort Certificate
    • Get over 15+ exclusive Free online Space& Astronomy Courses
    • Exclusive access to Online Workshops
    • Exclusive Monthly Projects and Assignments
    • Access to Exclusive SpacePort Forum and Group
    • Digital Antariksh Visa on every course, project completion
    • Free ISTSE Exam registration
  • ISTSE Mains 2024 Prime

    Register here for the ISTSE Exam
    Valid for 12 months
    • You get ISTSE Syllabus online (access from August 2024)
    • You get the prestigious participation Certificate
  • ISTSE Exam (without certificate)

    Register free for the ISTSE Exam. Register for ISTSE Exam with Course& Certificate if you want preparatory syllabus course and Certificate.
    Free Plan
    • Online Exam
    • Free Registration
    • No Course Syllabus and Certificate will be issued

We recommend you to Join the Antariksh SpacePort Members Club. It is your gateway to Space Exploration.
Take Challenges, Do Assignments and get Antariksh VISA STAMP on completion!

Its no more a dream,
Its possible!


Benefits of Antariksh SpacePort


Here's what You get as a SpacePort Member


  • All courses available to Antariksh Club Members and as below

  • Jr Astronaut Program (for grades 3-5)

  • Young Astronaut Program (Grade 6+)

  • Certificate Course in Rockets and Satellites

  • Certificate Course in Aeronautics& Flight Dynamics

  • Jr Space Scientist Program

  • Certificate Course in Rocket Science

  • Certificate Course in Astrophysics

  • Certificate Course in CubeSats

  • Certificate Course in Space  Telescopes and Deep Space Network

  • Jr Astrobiologist

  • Jr Space Engineer

  • Certificate Course in Space Missions

You also get...

  • Monthly Exclusive Projects and Assignments

  • Free online sessions on first come basis

  • Priority booking and discounts for Summer Space Camp and other Camps at Antariksh Vigyan Kendra, MahaPark at Neral, Nr Mumbai (Antariksh Societ's Education Park )


What to do after you Join?

Once you join as Antariksh Club Member, the courses mentioned in the Antariksh Club category is activated and access is automatically granted.

Start with making first post in the Antariksh Forum. Share Status, Information on Space, what you are laerning in space education, your academic acheivements etc.

So join today and launch your Space Dreams!


Antariksh Clubx Local Chapters are independent local online and meetup groups formed by students licensed by Antariksha Society. Clubs are empowered with resources, content and support to run the clubs effectively and promote space education and startups. Antariksh Club members shall form online group of their Club and Meet at least once a Month at some local place like School, Cafe/Mall, Public Garden etc. to share space information and have discussions. Any Antariksh Club Member can join the Local Chapter.     

To Start a local chapter like eg, 'Antariksh Club of Bandra'. you will have to get atleast 5 friends as founder members who are  Antariksh Club Members and start a group in Antariksh Groups page. Your Local club members can be basic members also.

Note: you will need an approval from Antariksh Society when you create the group.

Every Antariksh Club will have an organizing Team of 10-30 Members who will get special organizational skills and Leadership Development Program free from Antariksh Society.

Opportunity to Participate in Antariksh Space Camp  

Only Antariksh Club Members can join the Jr Astronaut Space Camp

Antariksh Space Camp or also called as Jr Astronaut Space Camp is copytights reserved flagship 1day & 2days workshop under the ambitious mission project AntarikshVeer. Antariksh Club Members can participate in the camp organised on every Sunday at Antariksh Kendra, MahPark at Karjat, Maharashtra (Near Mumbai).  

Desirous Schools or students can independently apply to participate. 

The details of Space Camp is mentioned in Antariksh Space Camps page. Limited no of Students can be enrolled, please book your slot at earliest to get confirmation. 

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