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Certificate Course in ISRO Chandrayaan Missions is a FREE Course open for all till 31st Oct 2023 and there after FREE available to Antariksh Club Members. This course is specially designed and published on the occasion of launch of CHANDRAYAAN 3. ISRO and Antariksh Society is organizing several events and activities during the CHANDRAYAAN WEEK and we have created this course to create awareness and disseminate information about ISRO's mission to Moon. The course is aimed at introducing students to Space Missions and Satellite Programs. India is one of the world leaders in Satellite launches and 3rd largest Space agency. This course provides information about Satellites, types, different orbits and how they are placed. Students will get validated information about ISRO missions with focus on Chandrayaan 1,2,3 missions. Course is a combination of Text, Images and video The course is short self paced and can be completed in one day. Course is FREE for students and Teachers and participants will get prestigious certificate via automated email after completion of small self assessment of 5-10 MCQ. Course will be available from 5-31 July 2023 and access will be open for 20 days from enrollment to complete the course. Course Modules: Course is well laid out with multiple sections and modules to make way for step by step learning. Some of the Topics covered are: # Introduction to ISRO # India’s Space Program # Chandrayaan 1,2,3




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