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Young Astronaut Program is an incredible course built young students in class 6 to 10 to explore space science. It’s a Gateway to understanding Space Science & Technology. In this course you will discover the Origins of Universe, how things work in Space, basics of Astronomy, Telescopes and Sky observations, Satellites and International Space Station and Space Technology, How Rockets work, Types of Rockets and purpose, How to make and launch Model Rockets. Course is very easy and designed to make it exciting and challenging. Course includes Notes, Videos, Project work (Remember you are an Astronaut) and final assessment. Students can complete the course comfortably within 2-20 days and NO EXTRA studies is required. Students can give the exam anytime they wish after completion of course. Exam is short 10 to 20 MCQ type and Certificate is mailed after the exam Modules covered: Origin of Universe Big Bang Theory Evolution Mapping the Universe History of Astronomy Basics of Astronomy Sky Map and Stargazing Types of Telescopes, how they work Satellites, uses and types Live Satellite Tracking Rocket Science Types of Rockets Types of Orbits and purpose Space Science& Technology What do you get: Online Course Certificate of Completion



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