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Jr Rocket Scientist is not just a course but a motivation for students. Rocket Science is what every student is excited about. Rockets have changed our world, the satellites the GPS, the Space station, research all have been possible because of Rockets! In this course you will learn Rocket Science as a special subject and be a Jr Rocket Scientist! You will discover Types of Rockets, History of Rockets, Uses and applications, World Rockets, focus on NASA and ISRO missions, Rocket Engineering, what is rocket made of, components etc, How rockets are launched, the Flight dynamics, engines and fuel. This Course is surely the best way to master the subject for young students and Science Educators. Course is designed to make it exciting and challenging with DIY activities as assignments. Course includes Notes, Videos, Project work (Remembers you are a Rocket Scientist) and final assessment. Students can complete the course comfortably within one week and NO EXTRA studies is required. Students can give the exam anytime they wish with the link in the course page. Exam is short 10MCQ type and Certificate is mailed after the exam. IGA Courses are progressive and No marks are given for the course. Modules covered: History of Rockets Types of Rockets and uses Rocket Science and Engineering Components and fuel Flight dynamics, how rockets launch Flight Path and corrections Model Rocketry And many more to discover.. What do you get: Online Course Certificate of Completion





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